In America, the percentages are off. About 2/3 of women are overweight or obese, which puts them in the Coyote category. I know the scale is relative to the population, to some degree, but in a majority European culture, female obesity is never sexually attractive no matter how common it is.

This shrinks the Jane category, which includes the plain but healthy and feminine women who satisfy Deltas in a healthy society.

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if you want the very best view of the current state of male female relationships in the West

no one does it better than hoe_math on utube. Master class of simple diagrams and shorts.

Funny guy too.

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Combing this with wheel-theory. Mommy-and-me hub is a Frisky Barbie. Garden hub is a Normal Babe.

Frisky Barbie has frisky, normal, and chaste Babes and Janes as beads. Gardener’s beads are normal and chaste James.

No sluts and no coyotes for either.

Preliminary hypothesis- the hub sets the maximum for pretty and for slutty.

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I'm curious about the examples of situational Alphas like Jeff Bezos who can't shake their inner Gamma. Why did he choose that aging gold-digger? Surely he could have done better. Did he choose her because of any of these?

a) his inner rank will always be Gamma and this is all he thinks he deserves?

b) his lack of experience blinds him to the negative impact of sluttiness on her SSH rank?

c) his excessive blue pill beliefs prevent him from "judging" her for her past?

d) he lacked courage to proactively go seek best new mate; let himself be seduced by her initiative?

e) he chose her because he IS a situational Alpha--the final boss for any gold digger, the beneficiary of her extensive sexual experience and skills, can afford to lose and replace her?

f) other?

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This female SSH used to be well-understood by all and socially enforced by all. Now that chastity is rarer, there are more efforts by the broader culture and individual women to confuse men about the value of chastity.

1) Women lie about their sexual pasts (always did, but more sluttiness to hide now)

2) Men are told that prioritizing chastity is a sign of weakness, fear of empowered women

3) Men are shamed in the same way for preferring young women (whose fewer years of dating makes them on average more chaste)

4) Male concern with female chastity is pathologized as weakness, jealousy, or misogyny

As transparent as a lot of this is, it has been effective. The culture is now very, very different than it was in the 1950s, even though the true SSH underlying it all is the same. For many men, it now takes extensive dating experience AND some familiarity with Game and SSH to overcome the current cultural programming.

I never bought the self-interested claims of sluttier or older women that men were "afraid of strong women." But it took me a long time to realize that my own jealous concern with girlfriends' pasts might be a feature, not a bug--a way of evaluating potential partners rather than an emotional "hangup."

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Great insights on the balance of beauty and chastity.

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭31:29‭-‬30‬

[29] “Many daughters have done nobly, But you excel them all.” [30] Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

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I suppose girls making fun of each other for still being virgins is that ruthless competition aspect, as per the short hair article. I can see some minor dilemma that goes along the lines of, "How do you know you're desirable if men haven't had you?" but I imagine it only works on the naïve and uneducated.

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One could argue for inclusion in Tier 5: Women with children.

Because there do exist some women who think Normal Barbie with biracial child is somehow above Tier 5.

This post by Vox so important I hope it makes it in the SSH book somewhere as an aside.

The SSH book when published will be part of my homeschool curriculum upon receipt.

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Beauty fades too, and not just in the inspirational fridge magnet sense. You get used to it. It stops compensating for other things. Attitude has the opposite reward pattern. The longer the time invested, the more betrayal damages.

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Trying to fight the observable facts in this post would be a social construct.

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Those stats are older than I am.

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There's another explanation for Rushdie's success. It's the fatwa. He's a dangerous man and women are attracted to danger. Also fatwa sex is the best sex there is

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Good stuff.

Add in the desire of men to avoid a woman who constantly tests their authority, and you're bang on for marriage prospects. Like the article states, I know I didn't seek out the most physically attractive woman, but the most chaste, but also one of the most mild/virtuous women I've met. Good example to the children of a virtuous mother. She'll still occasionally test authority, but -nothing- like what I've seen other poor SOB's have to go through.

I always try to recommend to other men to marry down a notch or two the women that they -could- land. So that their wives feel blessed to have them, always and forever. Keep the hypergamous testing to a minimum, and everyone's happy, especially the deltas.

Chaste, mild women men. Chaste and mild.

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It's my understanding that this post refers to a long-term-leading-to-marriage ranking primarily? Or does it have application between women as they interact in their own social dynamics?

As a Christian, for reasons both practical and spiritual, I'd be trending to the right column of that list.

Regarding the top-tier women and their Alpha/Sigmas husbands ("rounding error" - that's pure gold) , I wonder if and when they finally couple up it is for different reasons, and that they are in an entirely different head space. Sort of like the uber-rich. I can't understand their world or motivations, other than to know that mine are nothing like theirs.

I am reminded, though, of two cautionary tales from my past with the chaste jane zone. I knew a couple of these from church and social scene. Absolutely virgins. But they were in a nearly crazed pursuit of the local alphas in college and the workplace. Watching a 4.5 - 5.5 girl attempt to poach the boyfriend from an easy 8 was something to behold. Thinking it through, maybe I am conflating "virgin" with "chaste". The spirit wasn't chaste here even if the physical was a virgin.

This is the closest thing I can think of to a female Gamma in the sex side of the SSH. She would freak out / nuke reject if normal guys even talked to her (begone, and take your Delta stink with you!). She morphed into a a purring kitten around the alphas, regardless of their "taken" status and hot girlfriends. Last I checked she finally married in her late 40s to a guy who looks like a fire hydrant. The other one? Same, but even worse.

On paper, they were a match for the guys at my level. The fact that both of them arrived in their 40s unmarried I think bears that out.

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"Herb"? Guessing the "H" is history but the rest?

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